The following general services are offered by the Consulting Engineer:

  • Comprehensive Consultations 
  • Investigation and Feasibility Reports 
  • Project Evaluations and Recommendations 
  • Cost Analysis, Estimates and Recommendations 
  • Designs
  • Drawings, Specifications and Tenders 
  • The procurement process 
  • Quantity Control 
  • Installation and Construction Stage Supervisory Input
  • Commissioning
  • Co-ordination of the Project and Team Members

To be able to provide the above mentioned services in an effective manner the Consulting Engineer must be competent in the following areas:

  • Expertise in his field
  • Application of the latest standards
  • Application of the most advanced and appropriate technical developments 
  • He must be independent in his professional advice
  • The Associate of Consulting Engineers of Namibia ensures that the above requirements are met by its’ members.