Engineering Professions Association of Namibia

From the EPA website: "By 1978, the forthcoming independence of South West Africa / Namibia from the South African colonial regime became a strong prospect. With a view to the regulation of the engineering profession in accordance with the laws of an independent Namibia, engineers established EPA to ensure both a continuing high degree of professional competence in the engineering profession and the protection of the interests of the public.

Towards this end, EPA was instrumental in the promulgation of the Engineering Profession Act, 1986 (Act 18 of 1986). After Independence, the Act was subsequently amended by the Engineering Profession Amendment Act, 1991 (Act 25 of 1991). The Act, as amended, provides for the Engineering Council of Namibia to register members of the engineering profession in the categories of professional engineer, engineer in training, incorporated engineer, incorporated engineer in training, engineering technician and engineering technician in training, in the various engineering disciplines."